Anything Obscure & Eclectic


Arthur Ryel-Lindsey has been a professional writer/editor for going on fifteen years, chiefly for cultural organizations—though, given the whimsy of the non-profit arts world, his job titles have sometimes included producer, videographer, video editor, marketer, moderator, contributor, film blurbist, programmer, presenter, educator, historian, night watchman, and assistant golf professional. The Chicagoland native currently works as a content strategist and user experience designer. Among the indispensable services he provides his colleagues is a hand-written, artisanal Word of the Day, often inspired by some quirk that caught his ear while film or tv watching, news listening, article reading … or just going about his bookish Midwestern life.

Anything Obscure & Eclectic is the online home of that word nerd-dom.

Thank you for reading.