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Detail of Brantley Gutierrez's portrait of John Hodgman.

John Hodgman

With the latest relaunch of The AOE, some of you learned readers will doubtless consider the site’s new, most outstandingly fun look and tone stolen, I daresay, from a writer of great renown.

Needless to say I am a great admirer of John Hodgman, and define him thus:

1. God…or, as I am an atheist, more of a higher mortal. Like, The Dude.

Photo Credit: Brantley Gutierrez

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One thought on “John Hodgman

  1. Delighted to find AOE is back to blogging. For me wit and diction and your marvelously long sentences are food for a starved former academic and sometime scholar. I do read the dictionary now and then, but I’ll take AOE any day. And besides, how else will I know what I would otherwise be missing. (<:}&

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